Cash Management Cash Management Solutions Designed to Support and Accelerate Your Business Performance

At EH Private Bank, we understand that managing your day-to-day cash obligations is essential for your business to thrive. We offer a comprehensive suite of Cash Management solutions that will allow you to optimize your receivables and payments processing, maximize your returns on investment balances, mitigate risks, and combat fraud. Our goal is to partner with you to reduce costs and take advantage of technology and process enhancements.

We are committed to offering the most technologically advanced tools so our clients have greater control over the collection, disbursement, investment, and information reporting needs of cash balances. Our Cash Management services will help your business manage cash resources and risk more effectively and efficiently.

Whether your Cash Management needs are basic or you require more complex solutions, our team of Private Banking professionals will work with you to deliver services tailored to your business. At EH Private Bank, we offer packages of bundled Cash Management services or we can customize Cash Management solutions based on your unique requirements.

Account Management
Effortless & Transparent
  • Account Analysis
  • Earnings Credit
  • Mobile & Online Banking
  • Business Debit Cards
  • Electronic Statements
  • Email Alerts
Receivables & Payables
Efficient & Manageable
  • Online Bill Pay
  • ACH Origination
  • Remote Deposit
  • Online Wires
  • Merchant Processing
  • Lockbox
Risk Prevention
Straightforward & Secure
  • Positive Pay
  • Business/Consumer Credit Cards
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Cash
Capital Management
Automated & User-Friendly
  • Target Balance/Zero Balance
  • Money Market Sweep