Pay-A-Friend Send money to a person quickly and easily via Online & Mobile Banking

With Pay-A-Friend, an EH Private Bank debit cardholder can send money to a person via Online Banking, simply by entering a recipient's email address or mobile phone number and then authenticating the transaction by providing the personal identification number (PIN) for your debit card. Then recipient is notified and provides account details to receive the funds...It's that simple; and best of all, there's no charge for using this service from EH Private Bank!

Recipients don't need to enroll to receive money that you send through Pay-A-Friend. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, recipients only need to provide a name, debit card or account info (for ACH transfer). If the funds are deposited into an account that belongs to a participating debit card network, funds are immediately available. ACH transfer to a bank account will take 1-3 days to be deposited.

Sending Funds

1. Log-in to EH Private Bank Personal Online Banking

2. Navigate to Transactions > Send Money (On the initial visit, you will need to accept the terms and conditions for the Pay-A-Friend service.)

3. Enter Recipient and transaction details

On a mobile device (EH Private Bank Mobile Banking) you can select a recipient from a list of existing contacts stored on your device.

4. When you click Continue, a message prompts you to edit transaction details or proceed. If you click Edit, the Send Money page appears so you can edit the transaction details. If you proceed, a scrambling PIN pad appears where you can enter a PIN.

Receiving Funds

1. After funds are sent, the recipient gets a text or email message with a link that can be used to received the payment.

2. When recipient clicks the link, the Receive Money page appears.

3. When the recipient enters the applicable infomation and clicks Deposit Payment, the Pay-A-Friend system initiates a deposit of the sent funds to the recipient's account.


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